6 July, 2005

north korean feminism

A sexual revolution is unfolding in the hermit kingdom, with the result being an increase in the number of North Korean army babes.:

In the past, it was considered ideal for women to get married around the age of 25 (as it used to be in Japan), and single women at the age of 30 were considered losers in the matrimonial sweepstakes. But the changing role of women in society around the world seems to have had an impact in North Korea, too, despite its relative isolation. Interviews with recent defectors reveal the women in that country are getting fed up with the men. By tradition, Korean women were supposed to unconditionally obey and respect their husbands, but that’s going by the wayside now, as it has most everywhere else. North Korean divorce laws and procedures are said to be complicated, and even repeated physical abuse is not grounds for divorce.


The ministry says that as a result, greater numbers of women are instead joining the army and using that as a springboard for membership in the Korean Workers’ Party (the only party in town), just as membership applications from the men are declining. The overall total of women in the army is estimated to have reached 15%

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