30 December, 2005


Bloody hell Bleeding heck! Is there any industry that doesn’t have a severe overcapacity problem in China, Will, in a nice essay on China’s latest anti-corruption campaign notes:

IpodThe article comes to a truly bizarre, only-in-China climax:

In the following year, China will scale up its anti-corruption campaign through incorporating it into the country’s social and economic development plan, said Liu.

Liu said more than 67,000 new songs with anti-corruption themes were composed and over 24,000 singing concerts held in the past year to educate key officials about self-discipline.

Cracking good work, everybody. The nation is clearly well on-target to meet the anti-corruption song target laid out in the tenth five-year plan. With cadres bombarded with anti-corruption songs at this rate, completely clean government will be just around the corner.

In order to store 67,000 anti-corruption songs a person would need four 60 GB iPods and one 30 GB iPod. At about US$400 for a 60 GB and US$300 for a 30 GB, that would total about US$1,900, well above the national per capita income (off the top of my head, about $1,400). Although China has massive overcapacity in cheap MP3 players, none of these have significant storage capacity.

If a propaganda song is sung in an overcrowded market, does anybody care?

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roswell! roswell!

Did China invade Tibet to reclaim a part of historic China, easily grab territory from a bunch of wimpy Buddhists or did they want to seize the alien technologies? The truth is out there.:

RoswellChinese Roswell: some thoughts …

Ever heard of Roswell?

It is a place in Nevada (AP: New Mexico), which has made itself famous by having an uninvited UFO crash-landing back in 1947 (?) Ever since then its desert landmark is no longer boring enough to be ignored and Roswell turns to a name for an UFO encounter.

As fascinating as it sounds, Roswell includes a disc-alike space ship, two ETs, and a convincing small crater caused by that crash-landing space ship.

By an apparent awkward cover-up by US government, it made Roswell even hot, filled with mystery.

Well, there is one in China too, fascinated by its amazing on-site artifacts: stone discs. Yeah, discs again but stone disc this time.

The site was found by a Chinese archeologist in 1938 around the east border area of Tibet. Inside a few caves there were 716 stone discs that were found.

Those circular stone discs are about 6 to 8 inches in diameter and an half inch in thickness, with a hole in the center of disc. Irregular shapes of grooves are found on the surface of discs. The grooves on the stone discs turn out to be a continuous story, which was later figured out as a story board telling about how a space ship had crash-landing there.

It is also found the discs were made about 10000 to 12000 years ago when there was no recorded civilization at all or any such elegant artifacts in existence.

If the stone discs have stated a true story, we had from outer space visitors, who apparently had further down the road than we humans did in the civilization. It certainly makes this bit of cold universe a little warmer, knowing some creatures accompany us all along.

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stalking imee



Imee R. Marcos is the eldest daughter of the Republic of the Philippines’ 10th President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos and First Lady Madame Imelda Romualdez Marcos. Highly intelligent and well-educated, she has proven her worth as a strong leader, a wise lawmaker and a powerful voice in Philippine politics and society. Her ideals and principles and her courage to stand by them are highly admirable. As a dedicated mother and a multi-faceted career woman endowed with beauty, charisma and a strong character, she has been a great inspiration to many. Like her parents and siblings, Bong Bong and Irene, she is also well-loved by so many of her countrymen.
As an avid admirer, I have created this website to express, through songs and poems, my personal feelings and admiration for her. I have had a B-I-G CRUSH on her since her Kabataang Barangay* days.

(via Walk this Way )

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china to standardize on-line spying

Because filtering is not enough, China will from next year increase its surveillance of internet users.:

BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhuanet) — The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced here Thursday that China is to carry out new Internet regulation starting from March 1, 2006 to prevent computer virus spreading, harmful junk e-mails and organized bawdry online activities.

The regulation specifies that Internet service-providers are liable to safeguard the Internet security and the police should supervise all providers.

A series of Internet-based technologies including monitoring computer systems and recording such information as the logon time and the browsed websites are standardized according to the regulation.

The regulation also states that any online safeguarding technique should not be used to infringe upon the individuals’ freedom and privacy and at least two members of the police should be at scene when inspecting suspects.

China’s Internet-based safeguarding technologies is somewhat backward and are not implemented properly, with no more than 25 percent of the existing safeguarding methods applied by Internet users, said Wu Heping, spokesman with the MPS, at a news briefing on a nationwide campaign of cracking down on-line porn.

AsiaPundit is pleased that the state will be careful not to infringe upon his privacy when it spies on him.

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