27 March, 2006

bursting property bubbles=gratuitous displays of flesh

In the day job, AsiaPundit covers both real estate and automobiles. While the Shanghai property market can be fascinating, there is always something a bit more appealing about automotive events. That said, AP is pleased that the bursting of the property bubble may lead to more interesting property market events.:

Real Estate Exhibit 1

Today on the Netease BBS: The 8th annual Shanghai Spring Real Estate Market, held last week at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, one-upped the booth babes of other trade shows with a real estate girl.  As the BBS poster says (rough translation):

This is something that hasn’t been seen before in real estate fairs…Car shows have “car models,” sports events have “babes,” but having a female model stripped bare in this kind of an environment, will using these methods really sell real estate?

Commentators weigh in all sides:

“Whoever marries this woman is an idiot.”

“This is totally normal.”

“This is an artistic experience and they’re going to make a lot of money!”

“Are they selling real estate or sex?”


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One Response to “bursting property bubbles=gratuitous displays of flesh”

  1. Michael Turton Says:

    I think you’re on to something here, Chris, that works across cultures, like the Big Mac Index — the Real Estate Nudity Desperation Index. By looking at how little clothing the models are wearing, we can judge the desperation of real estate marketers…..

    BTW, when was the last time you updated your Taiwan blog list? IslaFormosa has posted in months, you’ve got Formosa Online also twice, and Taiwan Tiger seems to have vanished as well.



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