23 February, 2006

s’pore sex scandal: blame the bloggers

Singapore’s blogger emeritus mr brown takes notice of how a sex ’scandal’ involving a Nanyang Polytechnic student is being blamed on bloggers.:

Poly student in homemade sex video gets counselling

Teachers in other schools say many teens use phones to capture made photos, sex clips

One of the boy’s girlfriends, also a student at the (secondary) school, was not ashamed of her (nude) photos being circulated.

“She was proud of it. She said it was artistic.”

Veteran youth counseller Carol Ballhetchet said: “The new technology makes it all very easy and with celebrity bloggers revealing it all, it has become acceptable, even cool.”

While AsiaPundit would be pleased if Miss Izzy had helped it become acceptable and cool for Singaporeans to take their clothes off, he suspects that isn’t the case. As mr brown says of Ballhetchet’s comments:.

Give. Me. A. Freakin. Break.

Sure, before bloggers took their clothes off on their blogs, people were all conservative and there were no other places where young people could be influenced by the glamorization and normalization of this exhibitionist behaviour.

For more details on the MMS ’sex scandal,’ Miyagi has a fine roundup and IZ has the merchandise.:

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One Response to “s’pore sex scandal: blame the bloggers”

  1. Mutantfrog Says:

    I would avoid linking to the video if you run across a blog that hosts it. Even though we’re lucky enough not to be in the fascist state of Singapore where porn is illegal, it’s apparently still a video of an underage girl (no idea about the guy) and not something you want to be associated with.

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