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Best Singapore Blog: Q1 06-07

by @ 1:19 pm on 5 June, 2006.

The nomination period has ended.

39 Responses to “Best Singapore Blog: Q1 06-07”

  1. Jeanie Says:

    IZ Reloaded

  2. Kozmozz Says:

    He should deserve the best singapore blog as it really portrays the happenings of what’s current amongst the common people in Singapore with a tinge of humor, and maybe, a pinch of salt ;o)

  3. Alex Says:

  4. nadnut Says:

  5. Genie Says:


  6. Matthew Says:

  7. DonkeyKong Says:


  8. koon hui Says:

    It’s raining noodles!

  9. suertes Says:

    Mr Wang Bakes Good Karma

  10. Cheneille Says:

  11. Alynna Says:

  12. reallybites Says:

  13. davidf Says:

    this weblog is my friend’s. Its one funny blog. Do vite for him.
    he has wat it takes! =)

  14. pmg Says:

    Mr Wang is funny, insightful and should be awarded.

    Screwy Skeptic. Although not in Singapore. She’s a good writer and is Singaporean by heritage. She should be awarded.

    Molly Meek should be given an award for her writing. Please for once instead of all those innane blogs, please award good writers.

  15. rosi Says:

    She deserves this

  16. Xiang Long Says:

  17. Angel Says:

  18. huiying Says:

  19. Faboi Slim Says:

  20. izu Says:


  21. mervkwok Says:

    Tinker Tailor

  22. jennifer Says:

  23. Kok Says:


  24. ken Says:

    Nice photos to see…

  25. J Says:

    I nominate Mervy’s blog Shattered:

  26. Gwen Says:

  27. cyclone Says:

  28. Elizabeth Says: –> Sweet blog

  29. javen Says:


  30. Sibeh Sian Says:

    I’m surprised she’s not here yet. Anyway, my nomination is for the incomparable Little Miss Drinkalot

  31. E Says:

    The most unique writing in Singapore is the Political Savantism of Xenoboy.

  32. Jasmine Says:

    Excellent Blogging sytle

  33. SARA Says:

    I nominate
    humour, personal reflections, musings and her deepest thoughts and feelings all rolled into one package.
    she deserves it, big time.

  34. crazypoopoo Says:

  35. Jonny Says:

    Erm..I nominate!

    I think we should give kudos to this kid because no one else in the blogging world captures
    the life of a student, the ones that we forgot a long time ago, more than this kid does. All
    the stress, the friends and all that? He manages to do that in the blog! And he’s 14. Can
    you believe it? So I hope, at least, you may give some repsect this kid deserves as a blogger!

  36. Crystal Says:

    i nominate the Uniquely Singapore blog

  37. Zenden Says:

  38. Adrenaline Says:

    I nominate The life of a Singaporean male loser.

  39. Ken Says:

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