29 June, 2005

mapping 101

Yahoo! news reports from the AFP making note of Japanese school books being seized by Chinese authorities for depicting a map of China and Taiwan in different colors.

Customs officials in northeast China’s Dalian city have seized books sent to a Japanese school because they depicted Taiwan as a separate entity from the mainland, a Japanese embassy spokesman said.

"As far as we know from the concerned people, the issue was over maps which depicted China and Taiwan in different colours," Keiji Ide told AFP.

…The school, an elementary and middle school for children of Japanese businessmen, had to pay a small fine, he said.

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12 June, 2005

up in smoke

The Horse’s Mouth point’s to an article that highlights a disturbing trend within China’s tobacco industry to advertise smoking as a cure all for various health afflictions.

….Instead, the government-run tobacco industry clearly promotes smoking as a way to improve health in the nation of 1.3 billion people.

Ads in China tout smoking as a cure-all for diseases and ailments — from Parkinson’s to ulcers. In fact, smoking can even make you smarter and happier, if you listen to the government.

The pro-smoking campaign is perhaps a reason why China has not only the largest population of smokers anywhere in the world, but a growing one — with an estimated three million people choosing to light up every year.

"I don’t believe all the talk about cancer. Most people who smoke don’t get sick," a resident of Guiyang told CTV News.

Disturbing indeed. So much for the Chinese government’s crackdown on such false advertising.

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