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Best Malaysia Blog: Q1 06-07

by @ 1:23 pm on 7 June, 2006.

The nomination period has ended.

132 Responses to “Best Malaysia Blog: Q1 06-07”

  1. Dr. Othman Khayum Says:

    My Karma Ran Over My Dogma

  2. Brenda Ng Says:

  3. lingghezhi Says:


  4. lucia Says:

    the sensintrovert

  5. Danny Says:

    My Life Story

  6. noname Says:

  7. Neo Says:

    Nominate myself :)

  8. howsy Says:

    Mental Jog Lucia Lai

  9. Siao Lang Says:

  10. tigerjoe Says:

    I’m just going to be shameless and nominate my own blog.

  11. Whoever Says:

  12. north79 Says:

    Human+Universe :

  13. howsy Says:

    More nominations!

    Desiderata ylchong
    Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin
    Frus and Fuss
    KTemoc Konsiders
    Reduced and Recycled

  14. Jon Says:

    I would like to nominate PinkPau’s Blog

  15. Palmdoc Says:

    Another shameless plug to nominate my own:

  16. Laura Says:

  17. suituapui Says:

  18. faceythingy Says:

  19. frank Says:

    i nominate my own blog too..
    and and

  20. pinolobu Says:

  21. vic Says:

    nominating for

  22. soo0oon Says:

  23. soo0oon Says:

  24. Yoong Wei Says:

    I nominate Lainie’s blog:

  25. honeystory Says:

    Unzipped But Not Naked @

  26. Skyler Says:

    Shameless? Me too.

  27. Tai Tai Says:

  28. Matthew Says:

    And the nomination goes to…! malu nyer…

  29. kshern Says:

  30. me Says:

    fairy & yc

  31. Phoebe Says:

  32. Maverick SM Says:

    I nominate Sensitrovert, AnakMerdeka, Lucia Lai, Desiderata, , ,

  33. ShaolinTiger Says:

  34. yc big fans.. Says:

    dun worry yc, im not stalker.. i just want u to win

  35. Bing Says:

  36. mahagurusia Says:

    Here’s a few more that I know:

    Wingz :
    Mack :
    Simon :
    Michael :

    I am sure there are many other good blogs around.
    Will be interesting to see them surfaces… :)

  37. amy Says:

    im not sure wat is the requirement to be nominated, but i do enjoy reading this blog.. i would like to nominate

  38. Cynthia Says:

    My vote goes to =)

  39. boob_omatic Says:

    a blog with several bloggers contributing to it everyday.

  40. Infectioner Says:

    Kurt :
    SmashpOp :
    Pianonee :

  41. Ivan Says:

    I nominate:

  42. borgning Says:

    the storyteller -
    Memory Lane -
    My Past, Present & Future -
    gillie spills da bean -
    Boring Blog -

  43. chris Says:

    Vincent :

  44. Terence Siew Says:

    My vote goes to …. Terence Lee of Kuching!!!

  45. MichelleShinyi Says:

    Pink Pau
    Jasiminne the Penguin

  46. Christina Says:

    My vote goes to:-

  47. Billy Ng Says:

    Newbie worth looking

  48. Calvin Woo Says:

    i would like to nominate my own blog.
    “Angels Don’t Die”

  49. FH2o Says:

  50. errrbad Says: ….Cheesie the Bunny (aka Cheesie, Babybelle)

  51. Dr Jo Says:

    I will nominate

  52. Sabrina Says:

    I would like to nominate the person who made me start a blog.

    Ie Tjer is the name, awesome writings. He started off with LJ and now is using Blogspot.

  53. Cheneille Says:

  54. Cheneille Says:

    oh crap i left out one more, he’s malaysian but in UK so i dunno if it counts.

  55. christen Says:

    very funny and at the same time, informative.

  56. Kenneth 'Definite' Lee Says:

    Where Truth Overpowers Your False Sense of Security. It’s hot.

  57. kenneth Says: of course :)

  58. Aelred Says:

  59. kennysia Says:

    OI! Nominate so much how am I gonna get through all of them?

  60. kris Says:

  61. CH Says:


    This is the funniest. Check out the post on Akmi’s film rating and Mutant Mullahs

  62. Alynna Says:

    Minishorts of
    Viewtru of
    Hantu Bola
    James of
    Eyeris of
    Bosses Stewie and Lepton of

  63. deb Says:

  64. reallybites Says:

  65. Mike Says:

    I’ll be shameless too and nominate my own blog…

  66. Cheneille Says:

    football, women, and sex. no pointless camwhoring, just very witty posts.

  67. Cheryl Says:

  68. misty Says:

    of substance and laughs!

  69. fng Says:

  70. babelicious69 Says:

    Nominating :

    Fairy -
    Jasiminne -
    Cheesie -
    YC -
    Smashpop -

  71. Philip Says:

    A site for everybody to chill and relax!

  72. Wong Says:,,

  73. Ralph Says:

    Terence!!! this is for ya!!!

  74. Sharon Says:

  75. sewjin Says:

    Just Sewjin:
    UTM Undergraduate with a blog and wild imagination

  76. Magdalena Says:

    Nominating a good friend:

  77. Richmond Says:

    Very lively blog …

  78. nick Says:

  79. Dirrty Says:

  80. Adrian Says:

  81. Ariniex Says:

    my favourite is I mean, he’s like 18 and he has a brain
    of a forty something man and at the same time, he’s quite a kid. He’s immature and there’s
    something with the rawness of issues presented that had me addicted to this blog.
    Very much like the heading,.. he says it as it is!

  82. mandy Says:


  83. Jackie Says:

    Check out or
    Life of a Medic student stranded in Ukraine…
    Best Blog Ever!!!!!!!

  84. sevenzeros Says:

    these 2 r really interesting blogs..

  85. kshern Says:

  86. titanium Says:

    Check this out, He got the phlow, y’all!

  87. Chai Says:

  88. Elyse Says:
    Jules Rules!

    Mr Brown (Singapore), Kenny Sia (Malaysia) & X-Eyed Jules (Malaysia) are my daily reads.

  89. beb Says:

    Witty, deadpan humour.

  90. Baby Jee Says:

    I nominate my own bloggie… mwahahaha…

  91. Tai Tai Says:

    kennysia, i wud recommend that u disqualify those who nominate more than one blog la!

  92. Lu Ee Says:

  93. Ping Says:

    kenny, here’s one i like =

  94. Just Another Blogger Says:

    This one’s THE BOMB!

  95. ano Says:

  96. Matthew Says:

    i wonder how u judge? based on content? or popularity?

  97. adrian Says:
    this is a cool blog a good friend of mine started experimenting with couple of months back.

  98. mervkwok Says:

    Memoirs of a Chocoholic

  99. J Says:

    I nominate Mervy’s blog Shattered:

  100. maxine Says:

  101. kat Says:

    I nominate


  102. Jerry Says:

    Tiensoon’s Tech Blog

  103. Adrian Says:


  104. Robert Says:


  105. Justin Says:

    2DayBlog - Technology Gadget

  106. Robert Says:


  107. wai Says:

    Follow the guru, you may make a few buck from BURSA.

  108. michelle Says:

    i’m SUPER shameless.

  109. Adrian Says:

    The Gadget Girl

  110. mo Says:

  111. Peako Says:

    Miscellaneous Rantings

  112. korokmu Says:


  113. Aman Says:

    Amanz Network

  114. Afiq Says:

    haha.. someone nominated me>> oh joy. my fav blog, other than mine is

  115. Matthew Says:

  116. mohdismail Says:

  117. Justina Says:

  118. lucia Says:

    gee, you guys don’t know how to read instructions? or don’t know how nominations works? right on top it says “there’s no need to duplicate nominations”.

    a blog need to be nominated only ONCE. if the blog you wanted to nominate had already been nominated, there’s no need to nominate it anymore. when a blog had been nominated the first time, it will be in for the running already - no need to nominate it again. it is the VOTING that counts. yes it is the most number of votes that counts for a blog to win. most number of nominations is meaningless.

    so come on lah, malaysians, nominate once only. make myrick work easier. :)

  119. Joanna Says:

  120. shelbybaby Says:

    i nominate myself!! let this geek in pink win for once!!

  121. suertes Says:

    Runner’s High

  122. Terenceg Says:

  123. nick Says:

  124. FrankieF Says:

    Mamoyo/Ing Hui

  125. Yorlin Says:

    original and whacked

  126. Raymond.CC Says:

  127. ant Says:

    Techgurls -
    AprilCherrie -
    Mei -
    Suet -
    Audrey -
    Centerpide Diaries -
    Pelf -

  128. chung y-shen Says:

    interesting blog

  129. Mrak Says:

    Truly Malaysian

  130. Amy Says:

    I thought you are all now suppose to NOMINATE and not VOTE? why so many nominations of the same blog? if the blog you want to nominate is already there, then don’t renominate lar… kesian kenny

  131. xoxo Says:

    I nominate

  132. HockMin Says:

    The Girl Within Me

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