24 October, 2006

links for 2006-10-24

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  1. mahathir_fan Says:

    Kind of reminds me when Heidi Klum married Seal - the black man and some people started jumping up and down in disgust. See: http://media.apn.co.nz/webcontent/image/jpg/klum_seal.JPG

    F1 males actually do not need to boycott those females. They can always marry them, but take on 2nd wives or 3rd wives later on.

    I can sympathize with him. In Singapore for example, it is well known that certain Asian women only prefers white men. They are called Sarong Party Girl - I learnt of them since I was a teenager. It is not a recent phenomena, it has been there since the colonial days. I would say it is not love, because these women whore from one white man to another knowing full well that they will never go back to London with them during the colonial days. At least today, they can actually make it to London or New Orleans with them so you can reason that it is love today or a green card(I doubt this for the case of Singapore, maybe China), but back then they didn’t stand a chance.

    Overall, I think this falls under the category of Western admiration that prevails across Asian societies. I noticed this in people’s atttitude for example, “Made in USA” brand is looked more highly than “Made in China”. A western university grad almost immedietly gets a head start compared to a local university grad. In places like Korea and Japan where English is seldom used, what I was told is that knowledge in English gives one a head start as well. When it came to English language teachers, foreign blonde haired teachers with no credentials are given better treatment than local Asian English teachers with very high credentials.

    Asians need to look into the source of such discrimination against itself. We can draw from Dr. Mahathir’s life. He is our first Prime minister than DID NOT graduate from a western university. He was educated in Singapore. Truly our first local Malaysian boy- bornt and bred. We are so proud that we can produce such a great individual. He was our best Prime Minister or if you disagree, the one that made the most difference. Most of our foreign grad PMs did nothing spectacular, mostly kissing up to foreign leaders only.

    And of course, you have countless parents in Asian countries like Singapore that for no apparent reason give their children “Christian names” despite not being Christians. I do not know how this culture came about but it is their choice. If it is for the sake of easiness to remember, then why not use Malay names. Malay names are also easy to remember. As a Chinese parent, when my friends ask me why I do not name my son a Christian name, I said, I wanted to name him “Mohammed Ali” after the great boxer, and they go speechless. Why are they comfortable with naming their children with Christian names like Peter or Mark but not Moslem names like Mohammed Ali?

    Wake up world. The next President of the US, his name will be Obama! When that happens, many of those white washed Asians will be stratching their heads, how did a guy with the name Obama become President.

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