15 June, 2005

a little less vacillation

A little more action please.

It seems Fons has stopped vacillating (a little) on Microsoft’s decision on going the extra mile in censoring words that aren’t yet banned in China. He further explains his opinion in the China Herald, not quite welcoming the MS’ decision but praising their clarity of intent:

(Microsoft) decided (and Scobleizer agreed) that exercising censorship in Chinese is in line with their corporate values. That is good to know.
How to change a country would be a decision of the citizens of that country, even if they have a hard time with their government. I do not believe you can bomb, virtually or literally, countries into democracy. As a foreigner you have to know your place; you can help people if you think they deserve your support, but preaching your own gospel in another country is not my choice.

He also notes a headline from India’s Financial Express:  "Microsoft appeases China Net Nazi way." The story was taken from wire services, but the headline clearly wasn’t. The FE’s editors really need to ease off on the hyperbole.

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