16 January, 2006

naked taiko

AsiaPundit would ordinarily avoid linking to sites showing nudity - but naked young Japanese women playing taiko drums clearly isn’t porn. This is art.

Naked TaikoWith its primeval pounding and frenzied movements, taiko is a breathtaking spectacle. The ancient art form requiring a tricky combination of both skill and stamina.

Yet by opting for a slightly unconventional approach, an all-female group has given the medium a novel new twist – naked taiko. The lithe and lively members more than happy to bang the night away, exhibiting barely a care in the world in regards to how much noise they make.

Clicking on the picture above will take you to a video of one of their performances. Which, due to a complete disregard for clothing and wanton jiggling of body parts, is definitely not safe for work.

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4 Responses to “naked taiko”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Considering the enjoyment I had watching the nearly nude male Kodo Taiko drummers perform, I can imagine those who might enjoy all female nudity (d’uh!)

    Fully nude males performing like this would, however, make me nervous. The females just make me have sympathy pains…

  2. Carrington Says:

    I am a naturist in South Africa & I think the concept of naked performing arts is absolutely brilliant.

    I would love to actually see them perform live.

  3. jamesduane2005 Says:

    What is the name of this group and do they have a dvd out?

  4. Emiko Says:

    I have performed with a Taiko group on and off for 7 years. The past three year we have occasioanlly performed with the guys in their loincloths but we girls are total naked except for zoris on feet and head band. Is just for special events like special parties . It is fun for me but some of the other girls would rather not


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