24 February, 2006

yellow fever

Jeff in Korea is hosting a hilarious US-produced video explaining why Asian women dig white guys:


And Chinese viewers should appreciate how Indian guys have it worse.

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6 Responses to “yellow fever”

  1. Vianne Says:

    myrick, have you seen this video (screened at Sundance Film Fest this year)?

    here’s the link:

  2. nostalgiphile Says:

    Actually, it’s a fairly immature take on why Asian-American boys can’t laid by Asian girls in the US, but others can…And, btw, the kid’s t-shirt is racist: says “White people don’t understand,” in Chinese.

  3. Vianne Says:

    it’s obvious that it’s a satirical take on the subject by college students…why shouldn’t it be a little fun and immature? I enjoyed it because it made light of the subject rather than being too serious about it

  4. Yang Says:

    yay wang fu! most original thing to come out of ucsd since the 60s.

  5. Some white guy Says:

    Obviously if you’re Asian, you won’t be offended..duh!

    That’s not to say us white men aren’t.

    It’s totally flawed anyways. Go to any bar/club in my city and you’ll always see several white girls on the arm of an Asian guy. I don’t cry about it, more power to them. In addition, Indian men actually have it better, I see them date white girls ALL the time in my city.

  6. Tim Says:

    that shirt is mad hot!! where can i get that? xD

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