8 March, 2006

npc and the local press

As noted earlier, China’s bogging foreign correspondents are having tremendous fun at the National People’s Congress. But while AsiaPundit, Running Dog and Lalaoshi are in hell, AP is pleased to note not only that local reporters feel essentially the same about the event, but also that the local reporter behind Non-Violent Resistance has managed to escape the assignment.:

Been pretty busy lately. I was in a gym on the jogging machine one afternoon a couple of days ago and watching the Foreign Minister’s press conference on TV. Saw quite some familiar journalistic faces in there, and I wondered at my own luck not having to cover this. To me, the NPC/CPPCC annual affair is the most tiresome, boring stuff to cover for a journalist. Fortunately I never really have to do much about it. When I saw economist Justin Lin Yifu mobbed by what looked like a hundred journalists waving recorders and shotgun microphones with that look on their faces that said “whatever you say is news to me!”, I knew it would be exactly the same old s***. OK, I know I am being extreme — there is extremely valuable information one can get from these conferences, but I am just incapable of extracting it from all the sound and fury. One very important journalistic skill missing.

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china’s ’state-owned’ blogs

In China private-sector initiatives are often put out of business by other local projects that have tighter connections with authorities - especially state-owned enterprises. Could the same be happening to blogs? Lets hope not.

Danwei reports that three of the top Chinese-language blogs vanished today.

 Images Net CopLet’s start with a quote from Liu Zhengrong, deputy chief of the Internet Affairs Bureau of the State Council Information Office, recently published in the China Daily:

Liu … also said Chinese people can access the Web freely, except when blocked from “a very few” foreign websites whose contents mostly involve pornography or terrorism.

This morning, three of China’s best blogs, obviously written by terrorists and pornographers, were deleted.

Two of the disappeared blogs are Massage Milk and Milk Pig, hosted on Yculblog.com. Both blogs currently display the following message:

Due to unavoidable reasons with which everyone is familiar, this blog is temporarily closed.

However, blogs by state-approved NPC delegates have been launched and will surely replace the biting commentary of the now-deleted sites. Here’s an excerpt from an NPC delegate’s blog, it’s not for the faint of heart:

I’m very happy to be able to communicate with internet users through the People’s Daily ‘Strengthen the Country’ blogging platform. As a CPPCC committee member, one must always remember one’s historical responsibility to reflect the interests of the people, to enlighten the people, and to try one’s utmost to promote economic development, fairness and rectitude, and societal harmony.

AsiaPundit is also noticing that China Digital Times is currently unavailable.

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best cadre in a supporting role

Imagethief notices the similarities between the Oscars and the National People’s Congress.:

Mr Thief’s observations are astute and, as he notes, the NPC could be dramatically improved by adding Stewart.

As an second-time observer of the NPC, and one who is helping to generate the vast quantities of press coverage, AsiaPundit hopes that the NPC take a few other cues from Hollywood.

Firstly, put a time-limit on the speeches. AsiaPundit had to endure three and a half hours of talk today on building a “harmonious society” and “new socialist countryside.” A two-minute rule would be appreciated. Musical guests are a must, AP didn’t catch the Oscars this year, but he recalls quite solid performances by the White Stripes, OutKast and a great tribute to Joe Strummer the last time he view the event.

More importantly, the NPC needs more cleavage. The Oscars has lots of it!:


AsiaPundit would have better endured agricultural vice-minister Yin Chengjie’s 20 minute speech today on raising grain production if he had the distraction of a few provocatively dressed starlets.

(And unfortunately GZ, the Hall of the Great People does not have wi-fi. and AsiaPundit understands that )

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