5 April, 2006

chinese allah bikini

Oh dear, and in a country that ordered the domestic press not to cover riots related to cartoons depicting Mohammad.:


Chinese models wear bikinis with the World Cup soccer designs on during a swimsuit design contest as part of the China Fashion Week in Beijing, China, Saturday, April 1, 2006. A week long fashion extravaganza to showcase local and foreign talents ends Sunday. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

AsiaPundit does not find the above image offensive in the slightest. However, as Glenzo points out, the model to the immediate left of the German-flag wearing model in the center is wearing an Iranian flag. That could cause offense to some of Islam’s more puritanical followers.

The CIA World Factbook describes the flag as follows..:

…three equal horizontal bands of green (top), white, and red; the national emblem (a stylized representation of the word Allah in the shape of a tulip, a symbol of martyrdom) in red is centered in the white band; ALLAH AKBAR (God is Great) in white Arabic script is repeated 11 times along the bottom edge of the green band and 11 times along the top edge of the red band.

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5 Responses to “chinese allah bikini”

  1. Will Says:

    Iran has never seeemd so sexy to me. I find myself suddenly taking a softer, more understanding line toward the country. My interest in travelling there has expanded.

    I have no idea why. It just…happened.

  2. maysam Says:

    hi, being an iranian who visited thi s site, i think the woman wearing that and the organisors wanted only to wear the flag and didn’t care about what each flag means, so the blame would go to those who put God’s name on the flag, if there is any blame at all.
    Instead of finding new problems, it’s better to look for solutions.

  3. Imagethief Says:

    China Daily tackles the hard issues

    It’s good that we have China Daily to illuminate the great
    controversies of our time. Otherwise we might…

  4. finger Says:

    I like that they did this, which knowing china a bit, was not done on purpose. it has made me a flag worshiper. won’t be burning that one. no no no. not that one.

  5. Amir Normandi Says:

    Chinese pre-empted me with their Fantastic fashion designers and with a very smart touch in usage of flag. My shots are on the way later in 2006 under the – Patriotic women among us–. And we thought Chinese were conservative!

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