8 May, 2006

Sex Toys and China’s Domestic Demand

As the world’s largest producer of plastic and vinyl trinkets, it should be no surprise that China has become the world’s top source for sex toys. What is more surprising — and welcome in a country known for weak domestic consumption — is that the products are increasingly being bought domestically. Simon cites the SCMP.:

 Chinese Sex DollThe Chinese are much more adventurous than Europeans and Americans when it comes to sex toys, said Wu Hui , chairman of Wenzhou Adam and Eve Health Products. “It’s strange. Among the countries we export to - developed countries in Europe and the Americas - they like simplicity. In China, they want more functions.”…

At one of the company’s shops in Wenzhou , a middle-aged woman clerk proudly shows products to a customer. “Before I worked here, I had never seen these things before,” she said. Despite a lack of customers on a recent morning, she claimed that all the types of products on display had found buyers. “Someone has bought everything, even these,” she said, gesturing to a pile of leather garments adorned with metal.
Holding up an item labelled the Erotic Butterfly, she said: “This is suitable for young ladies.” She then moved on to demonstrate several other products. Customers who make it through the door are not usually embarrassed. One day last winter, a man bought an inflatable doll and declared he needed it to keep warm.

Meanwhile, Frances visits China’s largest sex-product market in Guangzhou and discovers the trade is watched over by Deng Xiaoping:

T-DengxiaopingSouth-East Asia’s biggest sex market that is, though I always expected Thailand, or Korea or Japan who have the first three places when it comes to matters of size, located off 战前路 Zhanqian Lu, near the main station, and like all main stations in all cities I’ve been, the part of town I have a mental border around labeled ‘dodgy’, though that is not the word that springs to mind to describe a meter high fat, erect schlong radiating a smutty deep orange glow.

Really I didn’t know whether to choose the walls of full-leather masks, ball-gags, restraints, harnesses and designer ropes, or the shelves of 20cm high manga-porno models, or the endless fields of dildos, vibrators, plugs, jelly-vibrating-crustations, things to insert into other things… So I settled on Orgaster! super vibration!, something about skinship scandal g-spot pornography? Is this turning into one of those sex-spam blogs? The other option was a poster of 鄧小平 Deng Xiaoping.

While he may not care to be associated with the market, as the trade wouldn’t have existed without his economic reforms, AsiaPundit considers the Deng poster appropriate.

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6 Responses to “Sex Toys and China’s Domestic Demand”

  1. Q & A Says:

    Isn’t pornography illegal in China?

  2. Feng 37 Says:

    T&A, you’ll be fine. Just don’t bring any with you.


  3. Q & A Says:

    If it was an answer, I didn’t undesrtand it. I repeat my question: isn’t pornography illegal in China?


  4. Q & A Says:

    Thank you for no answering.

  5. myrick Says:

    Porn is illegal in China. So are sattelite TV dishes, prostitution, pirated DVDs, turning right on a red light, bribery, copyright infringement, extended imprisonment without charge, police beatings, the Foreign Correspondents Club, many foreign chambers of commerce, foreign ownership of publications and an immense amount of economic activity. However, most sex toys are perfectly legal!

  6. Ash Says:

    ‘Illegal” is a term associated with law-abiding countries. ‘The Law’ is a very flexible thing in most countries. The thing is, upholding the law depends on uniform enforcement…when a law enforcing official - a cop - is making a shit wage (like china), why would they enforce a law for little money, when they could make alot more from the proprietor of a pirated DVD shop?

    Law abiding countries depend on a well paid force of enforcement officers. Pay them well for a generation, and then your next generation knows no other time when ‘abiding by the law’ never existed.

    China is not the communist police-state that many think it is. China is as far removed from true Communism as you can get. There is about as much equality there as there is on the NYSE.

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