10 May, 2006


Living behind the Great Firewall of China, AsiaPundit has solid proxy software installed on all computers he uses regularly. Generally, he can surf the web freely without much difficulty. Still, there are times that AP finds himself using a machine that does not have any proxies configured. In China, that means much of the internet is inaccessible.
With that, TorPark is an excellent new tool. With a USB-drive keychain AP can now quickly set up a proxy on any PC without installing or having to configure any extra software.:

 ~Sxt6146 Images TorparklogoWhat is Torpark, exactly?
Torpark is a fully configured combination of Tor (The Onion Router) and Mozilla’s browser technologies, enabled by John T. Haller’s Portable Firefox. As of v1.5, the whole package is wrapped up in a nice single executable with file directory. No installation, no registry keys, no files left behind.
How can this be used?
Lots of ways! It can be used to circumvent censorship firewalls, like at work or in China. It can be used to bypass paying for internet access at a wifi cafe. It can be used at school computers so you can get full access to the internet. And best of all, if there is no key loggers secretly installed on the machine, nobody is going to know where you went, what you saw, who you spoke to, or what you said. It is all encrypted in a tunnel between your computer, and at least three others somewhere in the world. Only after your data has passed through the encrypted and constantly changing tunnel (a tor circuit) will it reach the internet as unencrypted. The data from surfing the internet goes through the same tunnel as well, passing back to you encrypted, where your computer uses Tor to decrypt it to the Torpark browser. When you need a secret and secure tunnel to surf the internet, Torpark is your mobile solution.

After testing today, AP will say that Torpark works as advertised. It was slower than software directly installed on a PC or laptop, but the portability is welcome. AP recommends this to anyone who may be traveling through China or other countries that implement strict online censorship. It should work in internet cafes or hotel business centers without attracting too much attention.
(via Boing Boing)

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5 Responses to “Torpark”

  1. The Unabrewer Says:

    I just recently (in the past 24 hours) got Tor up and running on my two main-use PC’s. I feel behind the curve already.

  2. Fons Tuinstraq Says:

    Hey Chris, you not only changed your website, you also have changed your RSS-feed! No wonder I was missing your stories! You should have told us.

  3. Glenzo Says:

    I have TOR this thing on my keychain USB drive. But I don’t understand how it works. So if my laptop is connected to the internet in China and my keychain is pluggged in, then it automatically configures the connection? I am a computer illiterate, being so old and all.

  4. myrick Says:

    Glenzo, very simple stuff. Basically you just open the USB directory and click on the Firefox icon, it will open a pre-configured TOR-enabled browser.

  5. Metalized Says:

    Guys,what software can i use on my laptop that can get me thru china’s great firewall n works fast since AP mentioned that TorPark is slower than installed softwares. i own a laptop and is attending a 1 year long course in china. please advise. Cheers.

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