7 August, 2006

links for 2006-08-07

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  1. bobby fletcher Says:

    In addition to US State Department’s investigation, as well as Wu’s own, there are many other contrarian facts that speak against Falun Gong’s “Auschwitz” accusation made in anticipation of Chinese leader’s stateside visit:

    (all citations are in my blog)

    - US Congressional subcommittee on Africa, Global HR & IO also investigated and found the Sujiatun allegation not credible;

    - Other media investigation had come up empty. Specifically Takunpao, a Hong Kong newspaper with circulation in North America.

    - Malaysian government have documented visit of the alleged camp site in previous years. The stroke hospital Falun Gong fingered is actually a joint venture with a company affaliated with the Malaysian government. The facility has been open to public for years.

    - Even Falun Gong’s own publication contradicted the March allegation. Appearantly Epoch Times misrepresented these gory photos in order to elicit emotional response.

    Some are autopsy photos proving Chinese government held murder investigation. Such as the photo of Mr. Wang Bin with elaborate incisions around the neck area - there’s no neck organ suitable for transplantation, and the incisions were to reveal the hyoid bone for evidence of strangulation.

    Another example is Liu Yufeng. In 2005 the original story made no mention of organ harvesting at all.

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