26 October, 2005

blog quake day

Due to the relocation of Global Headquarters, AsiaPundit was remiss in not blogging the quake in South and Central Asia. But I would be doubly remiss if we didn’t mention Blog Quake Day. Buy a T-Shirt.

Aid-GlobeWhen first graders are going to canvas their ‘hoods for charity, when victims of the South Asian Tsunami are giving after losing almost everything, when nearly every person who is reading this can afford to do even more than the two groups I just mentioned in this sentence, then yes, we have no excuse.

I wrote that accusatory sentence a few days ago, as I posted about those selfless Tsunami-survivors. I asked, “What if we could do good?”, specifically in the context of our blogging, since we had all come together in a breath-taking, powerful way to stand up for truth, freedom and justice. Could we also unite to fight apathy? Disaster fatigue? Inertia?

I think we can.

Thankfully, people with more energy than me seized my flicker of an idea and ran with it. They heard the tentative call I put out after a fold. And they are doing good.

DesiPundit, predictably, is at the center of this movement. Sepoy at Chapathi Mystery was a pioneer when it came to quake relief. Even Instapundit, the big, bad, brand-name blog I quoted, along with TTLB, picked up on Blog Quake Day.

Now, it is our turn and after you read this, it is your turn. Today is Blog Quake Day. Do something. Give. Write. Post. Comment. Link. Give some more. Think. Do. Tag (“Blog Quake Day”).

Now, it is our turn and after you read this, it is your turn. Today is Blog Quake Day. Do something. Give. Write. Post. Comment. Link. Give some more. Think. Do. Tag (“Blog Quake Day”).

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sumo blogging

Via Boing Boing, the first professional Sumo-wrestling blogger to have come to my attention. The Japanese site is here and a translation of select posts here.:

SumoHi, this is me at the Kanazawa New Grand Hotel.

I arrived here to spend the night at 6:30 or so.

At a little after 7, my friend got here and after I finish some stuff up, we’ll be headed to get something to eat.

…various topics of conversation…

So I talked with my classmate about Athlete’s foot… His athlete’s foot.

It would seem that after his recovery, he relapsed. Take care man.

From tomorrow, it’s time for training!!! Yeah!!!

Oh yeah! You know “MEZAMASHI TV”?! Well, they are gonna broadcast about me and my blog on Tuesday, Oct. 25th at a little after 7:20.

I hope for your support in this as well. *bow*

…which means they are still gonna come take pictures, huh?

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china to help crush maoists!

The Hindustan Times reports that China is going to help stamp out Maoism - at least outside of China. The Chairman’s corpse will stay in the mausoleum, but China will contribute to India’s counter-insurgency campaign, the Chinese ambassador to New Delhi says.

China ready to help India crush Maoists

 S=96062883 K=Mao's+Mausoleum V=2 Sid=E L=Ivi Sig=126Q8Equv Exp=1130413377 *-Http: Www.Iisg.Nl ~Landsberger Images Maosi01In a significant announcement, China’s top envoy has declared that his country is ready to help India to crush its nagging Maoist insurgency that it once actively supported.

Chinese Ambassador Sun Yuxi said at an interaction here that Beijing did not even know why the Maoist guerrillas in India called themselves followers of the man who led the communists to victory in China in 1949.

“If there is any help (you expect) from us to India to get rid of them, we will try to do our best,” the top diplomat said candidly.

“We are also wondering why they call themselves Maoists. We don’t like that. We don’t like that at home. We don’t have any connection with them at home.

“If they call themselves Maoists, we can’t stop that way. But definitely it (the Maoist movement in India) does not have any connection with the government of China.”

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