12 March, 2006

fluorescent jellyfish plant

AsiaPundit has killed every house plant that he has ever owned and the desiccated husk of a cactus adorns the desk at his office. Ergo, even though a plant with jellyfish characteristics is inherently creepy, he welcomes this Singaporean invention.

Triffidsposter.2JpgThere are fish that glow in polluted water, fluorescent pigs (and rabbit?)… now students at Singapore Polytechnic have created a plant that can communicate with people by glowing when it needs water.

The students have genetically modified a plant using a green fluorescent marker gene from jellyfish, so that it "lights up" when it is stressed as a result of dehydration.

The light can be seen using an optical sensor developed in collaboration with students at Nanyang Technological University.

The development of such plants could help farmers to develop more efficient irrigation of crops.

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One Response to “fluorescent jellyfish plant”

  1. Will Says:

    You could just water the goddamn plant on a daily basis and forget the radioactivity, or phosophorescence, or bioluminescence, or whatever. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through to solve sloppy housekeeping. Why not just have your ahyi do it?

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