12 March, 2006

no carbombs, no trishaws

No carbombs or trishaws are permitted near the Great Hall of the People while the NPC is in session.

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9 Responses to “no carbombs, no trishaws”

  1. Economist's View Says:

    Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse

    Click to enlarge AsiaPundit: No car bombs or trishaws are permitted near the Great Hall of the People while the NPC is in session.

  2. Anders Says:

    I never did trust those damn trishaws…

  3. lonniebhodge Says:

    Lucky Bird…

    Lonnie Hodge

  4. Roy Says:

    The upper sing means no firework!

  5. The Moderate Voice Says:

    Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

    But are these truly necessary (even if, as the comments suggest, one of them means something differen than it may seem at first glance…)

  6. Bill Belew Says:

    That’s a crackup…I wish I could swipe one of those signs and attach it to the front door of my house or some other very conspicuous place.

    Very funny.

  7. PanAsianBiz Says:

    No Car Bombs

    This is a crackup. And I wishI could get credit fortaking the picture. RatherIfoundit atwww.asiapundit.com This is posted outside the Great Hall of the People, which sits across from the Forbidden city. …

  8. THM Says:

    Bill, good luck with that.

  9. myrick Says:

    Roy, thanks for the comment. Are you sure that it means no fireworks? No one I have talked to in Beijing really has a clue what it means. “No sirens” and “no transporting explosives” seemed reasonable guesses. But I’ve also heard “no transporting Christmas trees” and “no poultry in cars.”
    No fireworks signs, which they also have in Shanghai, mostly look like this or this.

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