20 June, 2006

Japan’s 100-year War

With a possible new missile test by North Korea getting significant press attention, one could be forgiven for thinking that Northeast Asia remains a tinderbox. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Via Coming Anarchy, AsiaPundit is pleased to discover that Japan is finally exiting from its 100-year state of war.:

Uniforms Balkan Allies

Montenegro, Japan To Declare Truce
Jun 16, 2006
Montenegro says Japan has recognized the Balkan country as an independent state, ending more than 100 years of a state of war.
Akiko Yamanaka, Japan’s deputy foreign minister and the prime minister’s special envoy is scheduled to arrive in Podgorica next week to deliver a letter to Montenegrin officials declaring the war is over and Tokyo recognizes Montenegro as an independent state, Belgrade’s B92 radio reported Friday.

AsiaPundit assumes that this isn’t the end of the story and fully expects that we’ll be hearing stories for decades about Japanese troops emerging from Balkan mountain hideouts completely unaware that the war is over.

(Image stolen from greatwardifferent.com, for a full-size picture see here.)

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5 Responses to “Japan’s 100-year War”

  1. mahathir_fan Says:

    North Korea doesn’t really have a choice. When you have guns and missiles pointing at you, it is only natural for you to develop your own missiles to deter others from shooting at you.

  2. expat Says:

    The war is finally over, eh? Peace at last, thank God almighty, peace at last! That means no more 24/7 CNN coverage, no more horrific images that desentisize our kids, no more moral outrage, no more protest marches that divide the nation, no more difficult to understand maps of troop movements, no more “fog of war” atrocities, no more collateral damage, etc…

    Explains why Mike Chinoy recently quit CNN, no work left to do in Asia.

    Mahatir-fan - so you’re saying if people are aiming weapons at you so that you WON’T further develop your own weapons, it’s only natural to do so in order to provoke them to shoot you… then everybody suffers? War is not good, just look at the disastrous consequences of the internecine (in the original sense) Japan-Montenegro conflict!

  3. Gahmen Lackey Says:

    I suppose Montenegro had to exist as a country again to declare that the state of war has ended?

  4. The Admiral Says:

    - That was hilarious. But you know it’s actually the japanese that were hiding in the bunkers of Montegnero have finally taken over. They won. Serbia said “Take it”.

  5. Japan Ends 100 Year War « Says:

    […] It looks like peace is at least breaking out somewhere: […]

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