5 June, 2006

Asia Blog Awards: Q1 2006-2007

AsiaPundit is pleased to announce the commencement of the new round of Asia Blog Awards. The awards are based on the Japanese financial year, which ends on March 31, and nominations are now open for the April 1-June 30 period, full-year awards are to be based on the quarterly contests.

Details are below, nominations for the below categories can be made on the individual pages linked below until the end of June 16 (Samoan time).

Awards are at present limited to English-language or dual-language sites.

Region/Country Specific Blogs:

Non-region specific awards:

Podcasts, photo and video blogs must be based on original content — which means a site such as Danwei.tv is acceptable but TV in Japan is not (although it is an excellent site).

Some categories may be deleted or combined if they lack a full slate nominations - and some may be added should it be warranted.

Winners will be judged in equal parts on: (a) votes, (b) technorati ranking and (c) judges’ selection.

While judges will naturally have biases, they will hopefully offset imbalances in other areas (such as inevitable cheating in the voting and inflationary blogroll alliances in the Technorati ranks).

The names or sites of the judges will be public.

Judges will be ineligible for nomination. As the awards largely intend on providing exposure to lesser-known sites of merit, we are hopeful that authors of ‘A-list’ sites that tend to dominate such contests will disqualify themselves by being judges.

The contest has been endorsed by previous ABA host Simon who is also serving as a judge (thereby disqualifying Simon World).

Traffic — the most telling and accurate measure of a site’s populatity — may be a consideration in future awards. However, at present, there is no clear or universal way to accurately measure and contrast traffic (sites such as Sitemeter, Statcounter offer results that cannot be compared, while services such as Alexa.com do not work for sites that are not hosted on independent domains).

This is all imperfect and will be tweaked in future events (with transparency, of course).

Most importantly, this is intended to be fun.

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41 Responses to “Asia Blog Awards: Q1 2006-2007”

  1. Pratyush Says:

    No sports awards? :(

  2. Rezwan Says:

    You have left out Bangladesh!

  3. Gavin Says:

    Could TV in Japan be eligble for best blog or humor maybe? :)

    Looking forward to the vote. As always, love the site.


    Gavin (TV in Japan)

  4. DesiPundit » Archives » Asia Blog Awards: Q1 2006-2007 Says:

    […] AsiaPundit has issued the call for Asia Blog Awards: Q1 2006-2007 [hat tip: Pratyush]. India has a category too so I hope you know whom you are going to nominate (hint: you are currently reading that blog). […]

  5. Pokku Says:

    Oooooops! Malaysia left out too.

  6. Simon World Says:

    Asia Blog Awards 2006/7…

    I’ve passed the mantle of running the Asia Blog Awards over to the very capable Chris at Asiapundit. It’s already underway: go and check out the Asia Blog Awards 2006/7…….

  7. AsiaPundit » Blog Archive » Asia Blog Awards Says:

    […] Nominations are open here for the 2006/2007 Asia Blog Awards. by myrick @ 12:33 am. Filed under Uncategorized   [link] […]

  8. China Law Blog Says:

    You should have a best business blog also.

  9. mahathir_fan Says:

    What about Kazahstan, Israel, Arab Saudi, Afganistan??? Are these countries not considered Asian? It needs to be renamed East Asian Blog contest.

  10. biblibibuli Says:

    there should be a category for best book blog or literary blog

  11. DD Says:

    where are the results of previous nominations and winners from last year?

  12. SouthAsiaBiz Says:

    Asia Blog Awards: Vote for the best blogs and vote for SouthAsiaBiz…

    It gives me immense pleasure to see that blogging is gaining more and more momentum in Asia. It is my pleasure to inform you about ASIA BLOG AWARDS 2006-2007….

  13. FriskoDude Says:

    Excellent, Chris. I wish you the best with this venture, but whaddabout “best blog about Southeast Asia coming from San Francisco?”

  14. AsiaPundit » Blog Archive » ABA 06-07: The Judges Says:

    […] Meet the esteemed judges of the 2006-2007 Asia Blog Awards: […]

  15. socceroo Says:

    Be inclusive, have Australian Blogs in the award; sitting a few hundred ks further south doesnt make that much difference, as it is, some SE Asian blogs have identity problems and hark back to the ‘old dart’- how Asian is that?

  16. S u s h i c a m - Japan Photo Blog Says:

    […] This years Asia Blog Awards competition is about to begin, and I am honored to have been selected as one of the judges. In order to keep it all on the level, judges sites will be ineligible for nomination so you will have to find your favorite asia blog (excluding Sushicam) to nominate for this years competition. This will ensure that the big dogs do not dominate the contest, and thus allow well deserved exposure to some lesser known, high quality blogs. […]

  17. For want of a better Title » Blog Archive » Asia Blog Awards Says:

    […] Please for once… Let someone other than the Queen Bee win. Nominate here. Anyone. I personally put Molly Meek, Mr Wang and Screwy Skeptic. They all deserve nominations simply because they are good bloggers and writers. So go… Nominate those that deserve to win. Not those who have Xombie Minions. Thank you… Thank you very much. (If I should die, blame it on the Xombies). […]

  18. Expat Says:

    […] AsiaPundit’s Chris Myrick has seen that all the flaggelators have been snaffled up by albino Opus Dei freaks, so to answer his need to inflict self-punishment, he has opted to take on the Asia Blog Awards.  Good on you Chris.  Tough job. […]

  19. Michael Turton Says:

    So many people out here teaching English….maybe a Best ESL teaching blog?

  20. Talk Talk China » Blog Archive » Open Thread: Who has the biggest…blog? Says:

    […] Best Blog in China Award (this one offers real cash!!!): http://bestbloginchina.blogsource.com/ The 2006-2007 Asian Blog Awards: https://asiapundit.com/2006/06/05/asia-blog-awards-q1-2006-2007/ […]

  21. Shanghaiist Says:

    Extra! Extra! Blog contests, celebrities and indie music…

    There are some blogging contests currently going on that Shanghaiist readers might be interested in: Best China Blogs (which has monetary rewards), the Asia Blog Awards and China’s First Annual Original Videolog Contest.If, like this local “amateur m…

  22. ChinoChano Says:

    Almost all the countries have languages different to English. Why non-English blogs are out of the contest? Very unfair.

  23. The Admiral Says:

    Good Luck to all of the Asia Blog Awards contestants. If you are a blog in China, you still have a chance to win money http://bestbloginchina.blogsource.com/ !

  24. Fabian Hammer Says:

    #1. There being no sports category, I have nominated “Asian Football Business Review” (http://footballdynamicsasia.blogspot.com) in Best Business/Economics Blog. Perhaps it should go into best Original Reporting Blog. What do others think?

  25. Richard Lloyd Parry Says:

    I only just cottoned on to this - but the deadline’s irrevocably passed has it?

  26. Blog Awards and Danwei | Sinosplice: Life in China Says:

    […] I noticed on Danwei that there’s another Asia Blog Awards going. AsiaPundit is a great blog (I wish I had time to read it more often), so I’m sure it’ll do a good job. […]

  27. The Peking Duck Says:

    Asian Blog Awards…

    As I’ve mentioned before, there are a couple of elections now being held to choose the best Asian and Chinese blogs. The Best China Blogs awards The Asian Blog Awards I’m going to keep this at the top of my……

  28. Asia Blog Awards Season? | Misohoni Diary - Misohoni Says:

    […] Asia Blog Awards 2006-2007 […]

  29. Steve Suphan Says:

    Shivermetimbers! Is that me name in the list of nominations for Thailand?!

    Good old friskodude. So, what am i gonna win? A new Ferrari?

  30. Janette Toral Says:

    Do you have plans of extending the deadline? :(
    Would like to submit an entry to the podcast and Philippines category.

  31. 无聊小站 » Blog Archive » Asia Blog Awards 2006-2007 Says:

    […] Link: AsiaPundit - Aisa Blog Awards: Q1 2006-2007 […]

  32. Shanghai express :: Arquitectura tradicional china. :: July :: 2006 Says:

    […] Gracias a los Asia Blog Awards que otorgará AsiaPundit me entero de la existencia del blog sobre China escrito en inglés y de marcado carácter literario. […]

  33. BJJ Says:


    I am not sure which category this blog/website will fit in, but it is unique and an excellent
    site. Take a look, you will not be dissapointed.


  34. James Says:

    So, is this contest dead? When will you be making an update about voting, official nominee lists and the date when the winners will be decided?

  35. Kung Fu Says:

    Very interesting contest here, I was linked from the reputable ESWN to see your best Asia blog awards. I followed the best China blog link to Talk talk China website.

    Which is easily the worst blog I’ve ever visited, and I left a message in their site as well.


    People are trying to have a civil discussion and all you responded was to ask others to “fuck off?!” Just like your original topic, very intelligent indeed!

    I am new to your website following the link with someone nominating your site as the “best blog of China”

    My response to that is “OMFG!” Isn’t that an insult to that Asian blog award? ”

    For the best China blog, I would nominate ESWN or Sinosplice.

  36. INSIDE PCIJ » ‘Inside PCIJ’ nominated for best Asian group blog Says:

    […] The awards, which AsiaPundit started last year, are based on the Japanese financial year, which ends on March 31. This year’s awards include categories for region/country blogs as well as non-region specific blogs. The nominations for the April 1-June 30 period were received until June 16. The quarterly contests then serve as the basis for the full-year awards. […]

  37. marina Says:

    Oh gosh I missed the nomination deadline again!

  38. Mango 7 Says:

    I vote for www.therealtaiwan.com . It has a unique perspective on the Taiwan blog scene and presents some funny, sometimes downright juvenile cuts from life in Taiwan. It also promotes foreigner made music in Taiwan.

  39. The Hao Hao Report Says:

    Asia Blog Awards…

    The Asia Blog Awards have been running for a couple months now, but I’ve just realized it. If you’ve got some favourite blogs, head over there and nominate them! Categories vary from humour to design, business to video blogs and cover basically every…

  40. Don Lapre Fan Says:

    Found this site by accident but find it interestinf and can’t wait to see the results.

    Don Lapre Fan


  41. China Blog Awards - Best China Blogs 2007 | fiLi’s world Says:

    […] the last year there were a few unsuccessful attempts at building a China Blog Awards with AsiaPundIt’s China category and even one with an optimistic 10k RMB prize. For some unknown reason, […]

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