12 June, 2006

ABA 06-07: The Judges

Meet the esteemed judges of the 2006-2007 Asia Blog Awards:


• Anna of HERstory, the 2004 ABA winner of Best Indian Blog.

• Connie Veneracion, Sassy Lawyer and queen of Philippine blog royalty.

• Fred of Extra Extra, former winner of best Sri Lanka blog and now a resident of Kinshasa, Democratic Rep of Congo.

• Graham Holliday of top Vietnam food blog Noodlepie.

• Previous Indonesia ABA winner and inteernational man of mystery Jakartass.

• Japundit founder of the eponymous Japundit.

• Malaysian alpha-blogger and Freedom Blog Award winner Jeff Ooi.

• Jeff Laitila, founder of of ABA-winning Japanese group photo blog Sushicam.

• Lee Chapman of the Tokyo Times.

• Malaysia’s multi-talented Kenny Sia.

• Patrix, founder of Desipundit.

• Phil of Flagrant Harbour, founder of the first Asia Blog Awards.

• Rezwan, author of the 3rd World View, Global Voices contributor and founder of Bangladesh blog list.

• Richard of The Peking Duck.

• Robert Koehler, the man behind essential South Korean site the Marmot’s Hole.

• Roland Soong of the essential Greater China site East South West North.

• Ron Morris of ABA winning 2Bangkok.com.

• Simon of Simon World, previous host of 2004 Awards and nominee for several international accolades.

• Scott Sommers, 2004 ABA winner for Scott Sommers’ Taiwan Weblog.

• Spike of Hongkie Town.

• Tengku Mohd Ali Bustaman, better known as Pok Ku, of Malaysian ABA winner Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering

Finally, AsiaPundit will also be participating as a judge.

This is a preliminary listing and admittedly heavy on East and Northeast Asia. Other regional judges have been invited and more additions are expected.

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6 Responses to “ABA 06-07: The Judges”

  1. Razib Ahmed Says:

    The list of judges is very impressive and thanks a lot for aranging this contest. I have covered this topic in my blog and have also written about the contest in two forums.

  2. duck? Says:

    Pokei Duck?
    This is going to be very political.

  3. flagrant harbour » Blog Archive » The Asia Blog Awards Says:

    […] The best award show on the planet is back. This year Asiapundit will be overseeing things but I have retained some involvement as one of the judges. […]

  4. Kevin Kim Says:

    I think ELF Geek nominated me for something already. I’m very thankful, but I would like to withdraw my blog from competition.


    BigHominid’s Hairy Chasms

  5. INSIDE PCIJ » ‘Inside PCIJ’ nominated for best Asian group blog Says:

    […] Winners will be judged equally according to votes, Technorati ranking and the judges’ selection. […]

  6. Ching Ching Says:

    When the results will be announced? Or have they been?

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