21 July, 2005

South Korean Soldiers Ambushed

A South Korean patrol in the East Coast city of Donghae were ambushed, stabbed, and robbed of their weapons Thursday night:

A group of men in their 20s ambushed a patrol near a coastal guard post on the East Sea coast in Gangwon Province on Wednesday night, taking one K1 and two K2 assault rifles and 30 rounds of live ammunition.

The guard post commander, a first lieutenant identified by his family name of Gwon, and his signalman, a corporal identified as Lee, were overpowered at 10:10 p.m. by men in a black Hyundai Grandeur who stripped them of guns, two magazines of 15 rounds each, a P-96K walkie-talkie and a mobile phone.

The two soldiers were not mortally wounded by the stab wounds they received and are expected to recover.  Korean authorities are ruling out North Korean spies as the attackers since they spoke with South Korean accents, also the Korean authorities also ruling out US soldiers stationed in Korea since the incident did not involve a taxi cab.  Most likely the attackers were common criminals looking for weapons to use in other crimes.


South Korean Soldiers Search Cars at a Checkpoint for the Attackers

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