14 December, 2005

gay cowboys and sheep wrangling

Obviously Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountains success in securing seven Golden Globes nominations wasn’t considered enough of an eye-catching headline for the editors of the China Post.:


(Via Wandering to Tamshui.)

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wok n’ roll

With only 10-shopping days to Christmas, AsiaPundit has decided to start a daily review of potential Asia-related gifts.

For our first review, AP gives a thumbs down to the Wok ‘n Roll boardgame.

First reason for bad review, AsiaPundit agrees that this board game is portraying an ugly stereotype and is wrong on many levels (though AP suspects that it is likely made in China, so if Guangdong sweatshop workers don’t object, perhaps AP is being too harsh).:


Fun for the whole family. I don’t know what’s worse—the chink-eyed caricature on the box, or the suggestion that your dirty Chinese food will get up an crawl out of the wok. That’s racist! (Thanks, Rob)

On top of the imagery. the worst thing about the game is that it doesn’t even require the use of real chopsticks. From a photo nabbed from an eBay auction, it’s clear that the players use cheap plastic tongs.:


This could have been a fine educational tool, but as it stands it doesn’t even provide children with the needed skills to best the Koreans in chopstick scientific supremacy. This is a very sad toy.

(via Japundit and, the permalink-unfriendly Angry Asian Man)

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slurp, slurp, slurp

AsiaPundit was first forwarded a clip of this South Korean television commercial in 2002 or 2003, he thanks Gdimension for reminding him of what is one of the best commercials ever (may not be worksafe, especially at high volumes).:


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