15 December, 2005

irish values vs asian values

AsiaPundit hasn’t commented on the Sydney riots, largely because Australia isn’t a part of Asia. But AP will comment now, if only to defend Irish values.:

Picture 4Most criminals in Australia are from ethnic minority groups, mainly the Irish 25 per cent of the population. This is hardly surprising since these groups send their children to schools which actively encourage crime.

For example, at Irish Catholic schools in Australia they teach: ‘Which is better, for your family to die of starvation, or to steal a loaf of bread? Obviously, to steal a loaf of bread.’

In contrast, at government schools in Singapore, you teach that it is better for your family to die of starvation than to steal anything.

Irish-Australians are behind the push for the introduction of so-called ‘human rights’ into South-east Asia. Asians call these so-called rights ‘Western values’. In fact they are Irish values, and most Australians reject them. The ideas Asean leaders call ‘Asian values’ are supported by the vast majority of Australians.

Most Australians would like to have laws like you have in Singapore, but most of our politicians are Irish. The only area where mainstream Australians would disagree with Singapore policies is that we support trial by jury. Things like the Holocaust and the Gulag Archipelago don’t happen in countries where there is a right to trial by jury.

Our student association would like to see greater involvement between Australia and Asean countries. But Asean governments should make such involvement dependent on Australia phasing out Irish values. Clearly, the idea that Irish values are superior to Chinese values or Malay values or English values is wrong.

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china remains #1

China has retained its number one ranking in the CPJ’s annual index.:

Imprisoned Chart

A journalism watchdog group says China currently has more imprisoned journalists than any other country, but the United States is also on the organization’s list of abusers.

A new report by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists says China, Cuba, Eritrea and Ethiopia account for two-thirds of the 125 imprisoned editors, writers and photojournalists around the world as of December first.

Fifth on the list was the Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan, followed at number six by the US, which has moved up on the list due to journalists it is holding in Iraq and at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Tied for sixth place is Burma.

The number of journalists held by the US rose from one last year to five this year.

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